The material specifications of Cuarzo slabs satisfy all standards of commercial and residential use of quartz slabs.

Technical Specifications
1 Density ASTM C 97 gm/cc 2.35 to 2.45
2 Water absorption EN 99 To < 0.03
3 Flexural Strength EN 100 Mpa 35 to 40
4 Compressive Strength ASTM C 170 Mpa 150 to 240
5 Surface Hardness EN 101 Moh's > 6 to < 7
6 Gloss value -- % 45 to 60
7 Resistance to deep abrasion EN 102 mm3 100 to 160
8 Linear thermal expansion coefficient(30-60 deg C) EN 103 m/m deg C 10 - 30 x 10-6
9 Surface slip resistance DIN 51 130 Honed 400 R9
10 Frost resistance DIN 52104 -- Complies with Standards
11 Resistance to acids ASTMC 650 -- Not affected

Taking care of your CUARZO – Quartz Surface
"CUARZO" Quartz features plush settings combined with strength and durability. CUARZO Quartz is easy to maintain and only requires your routine care, following are few tips to have that ever shining luster on your CUARZO Quartz surtace.

"CUARZO" Quartz though maintenance-free, it is recommended that the cleaning of the surface should be done with Luke warm water and mild household detergent, thereafter the surface should be rinsed properly.
Stubborn stains can be removed by using Acetone (nail polish remover). Apply Acetone on the stains, leave for 5 minutes, scrape the stained part with a non-scratching scouring pad, wash the surface with clean water and rub off with a clean dry cloth.

Suggestion for taking care of Stubborn Stains
To remove stains that are hard to remove in normal course. We recommend that first scrape away excess material with a plastic/wooden headed notched trowel and then mop the surface in order to remove any marks or residual dirt, blunted edges of trowel will not scrape the luster of the surface. For extra stubborn stains scrubbing with a non scratching scouring pad is recommended along with the non-abrasive Cleaner, followed by rinsing of the surface. Avoid using sharp objects directly onto the surface, as this may lead to scratching of the surface & leaving unpleasant marks.
Avoid usage of harsh chemicals which are highly alkaline or acidic, as they may react with the surface & lead to discoloration of a particular area.

Handling of hot material on CUARZO- Quartz
CUARZO Quartz is resistant to hot temperatures of upto 150°C(300°F);however extreme & rapid surge In temperature may affect the surface.
Also avoid prolonged exposure of heat on CUARZO Quartz. We recommend that heated elements should not be kept directly on CUARZO Quartz surface. Stands commonly available at local utensils shop should be placed between the heated object & CUARZO- Quartz.